Waders On is a fishing journal from a gang of Vancouver fly fisherman. We use the blog as a means of keeping records or our triumphs and disappointments. All in all we never really strike out unless we didn’t learn anything from the day.

Whats with the name?

“Waders On” is the our morning motto for you better be ready with your waters on before hitting the river. It came to us one faithful morning when we got up far too early to be first ones at a favorite coho spot. We rolled up just before first light and went out to look at the water… first ones at the pool. We went to the car and started to suite up. Two pickups with 6 guys rolled in (all with waders on) and walked down to the pool before we had our shit together. We lost the spot and never forgot it.

What you can expect to see from us:

  • Photos and info about our fishing forays
  • Fly recipes and photos of our favorite patterns
  • Cool things we find along the way