it was getting late in the season so we decided to hit our spots fast and move on quickly if we don’t see fish. the more we go the more i find that covering water helps us catch fish.

first spot was cold so we moved on… slight tragedy in the fact that two guys slipped in the the super sweet spot just as we got to it. its ok we can deal and share the water . we moved down and fish the lower lower run… and deal we did. L hooked up with a coho pretty quick. it was a nice fish with just a bit of end of season colour. i was determined to take a coho on the spoon swing and bang i hooked up with a large coho further down the tail-out. after settling it down a bit and a few runs i was rewarded with one last jump of something chrome and a broken leader. yah i was mad but its fishing. quick swap to a new heavier leader and i was back in the game.

as luck would have it the two guys holding down fort on the sweet pool came scrambling over the rocks done for the day. i walked over to the spot and had a little break to give the fish in the pool some time to relax after having gear chucked all over.

a quick break and first cast fish on.


done before 10am and off to meggs99.