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Snow & Coho


late season coho exist. after a hike in a few feet of snow we found some pools that looked too good to pass up. I started out with a bead (thinking we might pick up a hungry cutty or white fish) and L started out with some steelhead flies. after seeing some nice slow moving water with a few bolders i swapped out the indicator for a short heavy tip and a small flash fly. after a few swings i had a drift right in the slot of a big bolder and had my hit. what a morning… lets go snowboarding now.






Back up North…


it was getting late in the season so we decided to hit our spots fast and move on quickly if we don’t see fish. the more we go the more i find that covering water helps us catch fish.

first spot was cold so we moved on… slight tragedy in the fact that two guys slipped in the the super sweet spot just as we got to it. its ok we can deal and share the water . we moved down and fish the lower lower run… and deal we did. L hooked up with a coho pretty quick. it was a nice fish with just a bit of end of season colour. i was determined to take a coho on the spoon swing and bang i hooked up with a large coho further down the tail-out. after settling it down a bit and a few runs i was rewarded with one last jump of something chrome and a broken leader. yah i was mad but its fishing. quick swap to a new heavier leader and i was back in the game.

as luck would have it the two guys holding down fort on the sweet pool came scrambling over the rocks done for the day. i walked over to the spot and had a little break to give the fish in the pool some time to relax after having gear chucked all over.

a quick break and first cast fish on.


done before 10am and off to meggs99.


To the Canyon…



so as i said we don’t like fishing side by side with other people… so we hiked up and down some cliffs till we found a little pocket water. i must say its sketchy as hell to get down here but we have taken fish here and everywhere else was blown out. first cast L hooks up and lands a nice coho. if it’s not broken don’t fix it so i just picked up his rod (as he was dealing with hit catch) and hooked up. two fish in is a good start.



we took turns with the one rod fishing the small spot. it paid off big time. all i can say is micro spoons are the bomb… two each and on our way home before 9am.




Head North… Good and bad days


round one: with L,M & E

we hate driving east to battle other anglers so we headed north on a scouting trip. we found a run with happy fish and tied in to a few. L had some troubles with his setup … a free spooling 6 wt fly reel did not help him battle some of the big coho we found. We both tied in to a few fish. we where trying to get M to hook up on a fresh chum. He was snagged on bottom (of so he thought) until it jumped twice at him and scared the crap out of us. i was able to find an little dolly in the second pool


round two: L,H & E

we went back out on a less than ideal day in the same spot. the river was blown and i ended snapping the tip on my switch rod. it was not a happy day… lets go to megs99.

round 3: L,H & E

we got this… with my switch rod in pieces i pulled out my spay setup. its a 13ft heavyweight but hell i was bombing casts as far as i want. we rolled in to spot and found a few guys setting up before it was light. it was misty morning and the sun just barley started to burn when we started. second cast on a massive swing i hooked in to a monster. its nice feeling when you walk in and hook up first. a big fresh coho buck had my spey rod bent over as it cartwheeled all over. but alas he was too feisty and rolled me off in the shallows. not bad for two cast in. L was back in the game with a new setup and wasted no time in landing a nice coho shortly after my loss.


more on this spot to come


Remember Summer?

having some fun with the bass and sun fish in the local lakes. we are developing new flies for the task… micro poppers. i hear stories of big bass in the lower mainland but we have yet to find one.



The Beginning

This is an oldy of a photo but the start of a good thing… early morning fall on the Capilano low water. Before the guys picked up the fly rods and swore off gear. No fish just a good time.



Lobster Traps

Tried to hit up the river thanksgiving Monday. We scouted a new spot higher up and where rewarded with mushrooms.  L was pretty pissed that we kept stopping to pick rather than make our way down the canyon to fish but in the end he nailed a jack on a colorado. New fishing spots learned x2 and new secret mushroom spot x1.


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